Friday, 9 September 2011

Madam is getting choosy about her meals

I should definitely not have bragged about Bat's capacity to eat anything and everything. She has got a lot pickier recently. It's not that she seriously dislikes the food, it's just that she may or may not choose to eat it on any given day. So after being obsessed with raisins for months, she now just throws them all on the floor whenever she's given them. The same with toast - she used to scoff it happily and now she turns up her nose more often than not. She had an unbuttered crumpet the other day and loved it, but when we tried it again last night, I had to coax her to finish it and she still ended up feeding me half. The banana fixation is still holding strong but I don't know what we'll do when that's over.

I mean, it's perfectly reasonable if you think about it from her point of view - I'm not always in the mood for a particular food, either - but since she can't tell me what she wants yet (unless it's a "marmer"), we end up throwing away quite a lot of food that she's rejected before we hit on the right thing. Her diet ends up pretty well balanced overall, though not at every meal or even every day. Today her breakfast was a banana, some cold chicken and a bit of the chocolate orange cake I made last night.

I've got a ten pound note burning a hole in my pocket so I may take her out for lunch, either to the pub or the Sainsbury's cafe. She's often better about eating when we're out, I guess because there's stuff to distract her from exerting her mighty power of NO. And I'm pretty sure I deserve a treat after dealing with her through a really whiny week.

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