Thursday, 8 September 2011


I really like this time of year. I suspect it's partly because I still think of it as a new school year and a new start, even though it's four years since I graduated university! I also like the changing weather, where we might still get some hot sunshine but I definitely need to know where my cardigan is. In another few weeks the leaves start changing, and then we get Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night, my birthday in November (obviously a very important event), the winter solstice and finally Christmas, which I love and am very excited to celebrate with the Bat. I do miss the light evenings, but the darkness only really starts getting me down in January and February.

The one downside of September is the SPIDERS. Augh. The great big hairy brown ones that keep themselves decently hidden all summer so I can pretend they're not there. Suddenly they come out and start roaming my walls looking for a shag. I am getting less phobic and can tolerate small spiders now, but these big buggers are too much. Urrrgh.

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