Saturday, 18 June 2011


The Bat is flat out in her cot after a walk in the fresh air, so here I am, using the free time to write my first post. Hello.

I'm an at-home mum to the Bat, an opinionated 14-month-old redhead. Her dad, the Owl, is an engineer with a massive beard and we all live together in Bristol, UK. When I'm not changing nappies or dangling the baby by her ankles, I like to read, cook, make jewellery and waste my time online. I'm also a linguist, gearing up for a career as a freelance translator with the aim of going full-time once the sproglet is at school (unless I've made my fortune as a novelist by then BWAHAHAHAHAww c'mon, a girl can dream).

Today the Bat and I went down to a barbecue/fete/whatchamacallit, held as a fundraising effort to try and save a lovely local building (possibly the only old-ish building in the area) that the council are after selling off. 50p to get in, 50p for coffee and 30p to buy the Bat a cuddly toy off a stall. I'm not sure my contribution is going to single-handedly rescue the building, but every little helps, right? The Bat charmed the socks off all the old ladies while I had my coffee. We were only out for an hour tops, but she fell fast asleep in the pushchair on the way home and I managed to transfer her into the cot without waking her at all. I don't often get to hold her while she sleeps - she pretty much stopped falling asleep on us months ago, and I only realise how much I miss it on the few occasions when it does happen. Awww, warm heavy sleepy baby.

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