Monday, 20 June 2011

More food - I've got a one track mind

I'm currently eating Nutella with a teaspoon while wondering whether to also make some real food for lunch. Pretty soon the Bat is going to start picking up on my horrendous eating habits. I don't want her to think this how people are supposed to eat! So it really is time to get my arse in gear and have proper meals along with her. (Don't worry, she's currently having homemade cheese and pesto muffins with fruit for afters. I do know about food, I just don't apply the knowledge to myself.)

Right, I've decided. I will have soup like a normal person.

This morning has been semi-productive for once - Bat and I are both bathed and fragrant (yes, that counts as an achievement, thank you), a cot blanket is out on the line to dry and I'm planning another laundry load soon, and some necessary emails have been sent. This afternoon, when the Owl gets back, I'll skim and freeze the stock I made yesterday and try to work a bit more on the story I'm writing.

Goals for the week are:

finish spiffing up my translation CV and contact some more agencies
tidy up before a friend comes over for dinner on Thursday
plan meal for the same
bake carrot cake for Owl's work, which I promised a fortnight ago but was ill and germy when the time came to do it
wash, dry and pack up all my maternity clothes to be stored (why yes, it is about time)

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