Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I hate low-fat alternatives

Out of curiosity, I bought a low-fat Milky Way thick shake with no added sugar when I popped to the corner shop after PEEP. I couldn't really see how it would be good but I was willing to learn different. Well, I was right. It's rubbish. It smells chocolatey, it tastes sweet when it first hits your tongue and then just kind of... disappears into weird floury nothingness. I'm popping the rest of it in the fridge for now and frankly I may have to doctor it with a splash of cream if I'm going to finish it. Yuck.

The one exception to my rule is, as you might have guessed, Diet Coke. I think it's way better than sugary Coke, which I really dislike. I need that aspartame zing. Oh, and low-fat cottage cheese is OK, because it tastes low-fat even when it isn't, so you really might as well get your fat in a more delicious form.

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