Monday, 20 June 2011

My secret shame (well, one of them)

Hi. My name is Sarah and I'm a Diet Coke addict.

I hate this! I hate Coca Cola as a corporation. I hate the sheer amount of plastic that comes into our house as the result of my insatiable need for Diet Coke. I hate the vast sums of money I spend on it. I hate that it's probably eroding my tooth enamel all to hell. (I have bad dreams about all my teeth crumbling away, seriously. I inherited stonkingly sturdy teeth and I have horrendous guilt about wasting this genetic boon.) I don't always enjoy the taste of the stupid stuff, even. It can be the flat horrible end of a bottle but I'll still drink it rather than pouring it away.

I have to face facts. For me, Diet Coke is the new Marlboro Lights. I quit smoking five years ago, and have always figured that if I could do that successfully then I could do anything. Apparently I have met an even greater foe.

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