Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My poor squinty baby

I've been wondering whether the Bat's left eye was turning inwards for quite a while - then my mum remarked on the same thing, so I asked for a referral to get it checked out. This was months ago and we only had the appointment yesterday, but it's not a tearingly urgent thing, so I have been reining in my unreasonable instinct to bitch and moan because my daughter is CLEARLY the most important and why is there a waiting list and WHAT DO I PAY MY TAXES FOR.

For once I was actually hoping for the opthologist to do that patronising doctor look and tell me I was imagining things, but it turns out I'm not. Arse. Next we have to see an optician at the end of August, who will take a closer look and decide what to do next. She'll probably have glasses and maybe an eye patch. Arrrrr!

This is probably the same condition I had when I was tiny, which in some ways is reassuring because I know the ropes and in other ways makes me quite sad for her. If I'm honest, it's partly because I know that at her next appointment they're going to use eye drops to dilate her pupils, and I hated having that done when I was little. I'm also ignobly fed up because I remember that for the first few years, my mum had to trek to the nearest hospital with me on the bus for my eye tests. I don't drive either and am hoping there's somewhere more local that can do them!

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