Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Out and about

It's the last session of PEEP today, and we've all arranged to meet up at a local playground instead of the children's centre. Though rain stops play and we've had a couple of showers already this morning, so it may yet get cancelled. *squints at the sky* I've never been to this park, but I think I've found it on the map and it's only about a mile away, so we can go on foot. It's possible that I'll end up hopelessly wandering the streets of Bristol, but frankly that's a risk whenever I set foot outside the front door. My sense of direction is Not Good.

I hadn't really got involved at the children's centre until recently, just popped in every so often to get the Bat weighed. PEEP has been really nice, though, and I'll definitely start going to a weekly Stay & Play session from now on. I hadn't quite realised how much I missed the company of other adults during the day. Owl gets home from work as early as he can, but I can't make him be my entire social life - that's not good for either of us. My last office job was in a small, really close-knit team, all of us around the same age and with loads in common, and it was lovely having people to joke around with. Life gets a bit one-dimensional when you don't have that regular social interaction. I've met some lovely people through Netmums and we all try to meet up regularly, but things come up and at least one baby seems to have a cold in any given week, so not everyone makes it each time. It'll be good to get something really regular and structured in place to boot my arse out the door, because I'm quite introverted and I quickly turn into a bit of a loner if I don't make myself do stuff.

Edit: bugger, after all that it's started raining again.

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