Wednesday, 24 August 2011

First steps!

Sorry for making two posts one after the other, but I think this deserves a special mention. Bat has taken her first unaided steps! She's been doing more and more independent standing lately, and yesterday she just let go of the coffee table and shuffled the five steps over to the TV. I'm as pleased as punch.

At almost 17 months, she's taken her time with this - she's always been that way with gross motor stuff, though. She was at the very late end of normal for rolling and crawling. To be honest, I think she's just more interested in dissecting a minute piece of carpet fluff or playing peekaboo. I can't wait for her to be walking consistently, just because I think it'll open up more activities for her to do outdoors. Of course, it will also mean getting her measured for some proper shoes... there goes another lump of Child Benefit! :D


  1. Awwwwww congratulations Hunnish! Amelia is trying to crawl, she's mastered combat crawling and I sit here grinning like a Cheshire cat! Imagine what we will be like on their first day at school? Xxx

  2. It makes such a difference when they're mobile! You have to be careful about what they can get at, obviously, but they have so much fun with it.

    Just wait until Amelia starts to climb - I wasn't expecting it, but Bat can get right up onto the arm of the sofa. Heart-stopping stuff. :-/

  3. Congratulations Bat! You can escape now and cause your momma all sorts of headaches.

    As far as shoes go, get Owl into the car & head to Clarks Village in Street (it's a car journey away but WELL worth it price-wise).

  4. Thanks, CB and Squeaky! Will take up the tip on Clarks Village.