Monday, 1 August 2011

Children's menu? What children's menu?

We've been seriously blessed with a baby who eats whatever we put in front of her. Currently the Bat is having some falafel, herby focaccia and red pepper hummus left over from Owl's and my supper last night. Yesterday Owl was feeding her bits of marinated olives, which even I don't like. She loves dark chocolate, will cheerfully eat liquorice and enjoys stinky cheeses that I run a mile from (only ones that are safe for her to eat, obviously). The one thing that really bothers her is too much chilli, but even a little bit of that seems to be all right. Oh, and she once turned her nose up at a Brussels sprout. That's it.

I daresay she'll learn to be picky at some point, even if it's not until she gets the idea from other kids at school, but for now I'm just enjoying it! We can take her to any family-friendly restaurant and order her a starter or just let her share our food, knowing that she'll like pretty much all of it. We don't give her rare meat, raw eggs or blue cheeses, we don't overdo the sweet stuff and we pay attention to her salt intake, but that's about it for limitations. Owl is very proud of his cheese-eating daughter.

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  1. This article from 2008 reports on some research which may explain why she is so accepting of different tastes.

    I love the way she goes for the fruit and veg. When we were having lunch the other week she made it very clear that she wanted some of Owl's tomato salad.