Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The ultimate instant comfort food

I don't think I'd ever bought tinned apples before Bat was born. I didn't think they would be that great. When we started her on solids, though, I was on the look-out for things that I could blitz with my hand-held blender and turn straight into puree without any cooking and cooling. Tinned fruit in juice was a popular option and we ended up trying the tinned apple. Turns out it's actually quite nice, though freshly stewed is nicer. Anyway, now I go off with them myself in times of need and turn them into instant comfort.

1. Fill a mug about halfway with tinned apple slices, not too much juice (or a bowl, obviously - I just like eating out of mugs!)
2. Microwave for a minute or so, just until heated through
3. Add a good pinch of cinnamon and a teaspoon of sugar, stir to coat all the apple
4. Add a splash of cream or a spoonful of vanilla ice cream (I am not in a position to judge you for having both)

I have also chopped them up and used them in a cake, which worked quite well.

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