Sunday, 21 August 2011

Trying new things

I've been making jewellery for most of this year, and selling it online. You can see my stuff here, in my Folksy shop. (I don't want this blog to turn into one long advert for my jewellery, because that's no fun to read and not at all what the blog is meant to be about - plus I end up holding back on things I want to say, in case people don't want to buy jewellery from a swearing ranting loon. But I figure one link is allowed.)

Anyway, I've been in a bit of rut with it, not making anything and not selling much either. So on Thursday I decided to apply for a pitch at the Harbourside Market in Bristol. I found out I'd got in on Friday, took my stuff down on Saturday and had a go at running a market stall. We spent Friday evening rushing around to buy a table and some stuff I could use for artistic draping of jewellery. I ended up with a couple of cork boards propped up on an empty wine bottle and a multipack of tinned tuna, plus a basket that I usually keep my spice jars in and a double bedsheet folded in half to make a table cloth. I also bought some pretty little butterfly cut-outs to decorate the cork boards with, but people just kept looking disappointed when they realised they weren't brooches, so I've enterprisingly ordered some brooch backs to glue on them for next time.

Aaaaand...I sold one pair of earrings for a whopping £7.50. Nothing else. But I'm not disappointed - I mean, of course I had grandiose dreams about being a huge success, but this was mostly about getting my feet wet and having a go. It was a horrible rainy day and nobody sold very much. I've got lots of ideas for how to improve my stall and I've just ordered some proper display stands. The idea this week is to make lots more stock, and I'm going back this coming Saturday. Cross your fingers for me!

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